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Asteroid Data Hunter 1.0

Asteroid Data Hunter a new software which can assist astronomers in detecting unseen asteroids

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Asteroid Data Hunter 1.0

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New software which can assist astronomers in detecting unseen asteroids

Version reviewed 1.0 on: 17 Mar 2015
  • Currently 5/5

 Even amateur astronomers will be able to detect new asteroids in the space efficiently and with ease with the help of the new software launched by NASA as per the latest reports.

 In partnership with the Planetary Resources Inc in Washington, D.C. NASA has launched a new software for the astronomers which is in the form of a desktop application. It increases the chances of identifying new asteroids in the solar system on the main belt of asteroids that lie between the two planets, Jupiter and Mars. The chances of identifying new asteroids is increased by fifteen percent with the help of this application. The application is developed on the basis of a derived algorithm which works on the Asteroid Data Hunter principle. 

 It analyses the images it finds for potential asteroids in the solar system. The software can be used by amateur scientists or budding astronomers. This software was part of the Asteroid Grand Challenge contest launched by NASA. This project sought to partner with citizens and space enthusiasts and get such communities to participate and benefit from NASA’s work. The project has been successful much beyond expectations and has helped to create something tangible which will aid astronomers and increase the possibilities of finding asteroids and of people playing a role in protecting the planet Earth. 

 The new algorithm will check the countless images taken by telescopes scanning the sky and check such images for asteroids or objects that are worth following up. The software application has been developed as a free program that can be used on basic laptops as well as on desktop computers. Amateur astronomers can also take images with their telescopes and then analyze them using this application.

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 Protecting the Earth from the threat of asteroid impacts means first knowing where they are. NASA & Planetary Resources are harnessing the incredible potential of innovators, makers and citizen scientists by opening up the search. In an increasingly connected world, NASA recognizes the value of the public as a partner in addressing some of the country's most pressing challenges. We need your help in identifying asteroids – and to help further this effort, we've built an application that enables everyone, everywhere, to help solve this global challenge. Asteroid Data Hunter free download for Windows 7/8 on our website.

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