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Mozilla Firefox 39.0a1 Nightly

Firefox sets the benchmark for web browsers

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Mozilla Firefox 39.0a1 Nightly

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OS Support: Win2003, Win2000, Win7 x64, WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win8 x32, Win8 x64,

Size 38.08Mb

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License: Freeware

Date added: 16 Jan 2015

Last Update: 04 Mar 2015

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Mozilla Firefox And It Versatile Features

Version reviewed 38.0a1 Nightly on: 16 Jan 2015
  • Currently 4.5/5

 Today, many people use Firefox which is a popular web browser created by Mozilla. This company also created the Netscape browser series before. The first version of Mozilla Firefox was launched in 2004. Due to the several features it offers and an open source license, it soon became popular the world over. There have been several versions that have been launched after its initial release in 2004. Every update has added on more features as well as improved the security features of the browser.

 Features Of The Program

 As this browser software is an open source program, the source code for the program is available for anyone who wishes to download the same. Programmers can work on the initial code to develop or create variants of the web browsing program. As it is an open source, it has infinite capacities and that is what makes it more versatile. 

 There are several features that make Firefox distinct:
- There are pop up blockers.
- You can make changes to stop annoying ads and spams by toggling the privacy settings.
- The tabbed browsing allows one to open up several windows at the same time and the tabs allow one to switch between them easily

 Ease Of Browsing

 There are advanced search features of the browser. A Google search toolbar is built into the web browser. This web browser platform allows you to search and work with favorite sites easily with the help of the smart keywords option. Your favorite sites can be added on as shortcuts. There is a find bar that comes up with each site, allowing you to search within sites easily. In such ways Firefox, Mozilla is a versatile web browsing platform to work upon. However, one needs to be aware of additional plugins and add-ons that get installed often and can interrupt one's browsing experience.

Publisher's description
Firefox is an open-source web browser which provides excellent browsing speed, rich suite of customization options to personalize your daily Internet sessions, clean navigation mode, as well as extensions provided by third-party developers for adding extra functions.  Mozilla Firefox free download for Windows 7/8 on our website.

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Members Reviews (Add your review!)

by tenebres on 26 Feb 2015 | on version:38.0a1 Nightly
Good  Bad

My favourite browser. So simple and fast! Besides it has all the necesary additions and very comfortable interface. I will never use another browser.

Better, but not the best
by BarryLyndon on 21 Feb 2015 | on version:38.0a1 Nightly
Good  Bad

Well, I used Firefox for a few years, It's easy and very comfortable, but sometimes page and file loading is too long. I choosed Chrome a year ago and it's much more useful, you just have to adapt to the interface.

by Xander on 20 Feb 2015 | on version:38.0a1 Nightly
Good  Bad

Love Foxy. Fast and simple in use, has many options and nice interafce. Quantity of crashes doesn't make you want to jump from the top of the roof of the highest skyscrapper in the town.

Not better browser
by Mactracker on 14 Feb 2015 | on version:38.0a1 Nightly
Good  Bad

Flies constantly, constantly need to restart. But the saddest thing for me that Joomla admin panel at all in the new browser will not open. Another noted that even professional sites to see the studios are not properly reflected in the browser, and even sliders sites do not scroll. for comparison can be accessed from different browsers. Before updating the new version, everything was fine!

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