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Total Commander 8.51a

Total Commander is a file manager for Windows similar to well-known DOS file manager.

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Total Commander is a great program
by antondanshin on 16 Apr 2015 | on version:8.51a
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Hello, Good day. Total Commander is a great program for working with folders and various files on the computer and not only. To use this program started recently, but I can not imagine my job without it. Lots of interesting pieces. For example, such as the thumbnail view, custom columns, enhanced search. In general - is an essential program for the modern user, I advise everyone to download it.

Good application
by VITAMINA on 14 Apr 2015 | on version:8.51a
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I never used Total Commander, because it seems to me very not comfortable! But when I joined to the university, I understood that this program is genius! And very simple! I think, Total Commander is an good program that could almost be described as a professional file manager for the normal user. If you prefer more simple applications, then you’d better stick to Windows Explorer.

The most desired program.
by kovalder on 29 Mar 2015 | on version:8.51a
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Total Commander 8.51a - a program that I run, I turn my computer first. It is the most convenient file manager today. A lot of additional features and programs still have here. The program helps me, if you want to remove files that are no longer needed and can not be removed in the usual way. With Total Commander is very convenient to copy or move my files and folders.

Total Commander software
by Etovm on 26 Mar 2015 | on version:8.51a
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I used Total Commander software since I got my first PC. This was an earlier operating system times. At the present, the ideas of one are still actual and useful. The Total Commander is software which brings everything you need to work with files. This software is very powerful tool to work with files. For example, one can easily copy files form one directory to another just with one click.

Convenient and useful program
by irkdozor on 13 Mar 2015 | on version:8.51a
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I always use Total Commander. It has many advantages, including in cases where you need to delete unnecessary file that cannot be deleted in the usual way. The main trump of this program that I use is the availability of an FTP client, which allows you to easily add in the roots of the sites with the right information, plug-ins and boot with it to make it much easier and more convenient than using a standard scheme fill of files!

by Eliser on 27 Feb 2015 | on version:8.51a
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This software is good. Also I like Total Commander because it has unique plugins. This program is safe and it's exellent.

Like it
by illiria on 18 Feb 2015 | on version:8.51a
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I very, very ike Total Commander!!! The point of this program - all in it's name. Total Commander performs almost every feature you need as a basic user, such as myself. You can easily move files, or you can search for documents, archive files, and place the program takes up is very little. I recommend anyone who has not enjoyed it until this time dowload this prog and use it!

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