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Sharp IMG Viewer 2008

Sharp IMG Viewer 2008 is a GUI application developed for the .NET Framework 2.0.

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Sharp IMG Viewer 2008

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OS Support: Win98, Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows RT, WinServer, Win Vista

Size 16.38Mb

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License: Shareware

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Date added: 15 Oct 2013

Last Update: 29 Mar 2013

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Publisher's description
Sharp IMG Viewer 2008 is a graphical user interface application developed for the .NET Framework 2.0.

Sharp IMG Viewer 2008 is a Resource explorer which lets to open images, extract from various sources, save images in other formats, view image properties including metadata, perform operations on selected images.

The most important supported features are:

- Loading and saving of images in a variety of formats

- Extracting images from assemblies, archives, disk images, executables, Compound and compiled help files

- Transferring image data from scanner or camera

- Easy access to image metadata

- Converting bitmap's bit depths from one to another

- Accessing frames in an image when there are multiple

- Basic manipulation of images, such as rotation, flipping and resampling

- Alpha compositing and alpha blending

- Drag and drop support

- Clipboard copy and paste operations support

Supported file formats:

BMP - Windows or OS/2 Bitmap format

ICO - Windows Icon format

CUR - Windows Cursor format

GIF - Graphics Interchange format

JPEG - JPEG Group format

PNG - Portable Network Graphics format

TIF - Tagged Image File format

WMF - Windows Metafile format

EMF - Extended Metafile format

PBM - Portable Bitmap format

PGM - Portable Graymap format

PPM - Portable Pixelmap format

TARGA - Targa format

HDR - High Dynamic Range format

WBMP - Wireless bitmap format

XPM - X11 Pixmap format

XBM - X11 Bitmap format

CUT - Dr. Halo format

DDS - DirectDraw Surface format

FAXG3 - Raw Fax format CCITT G3

IFF - Amiga IFF format

JNG - JPEG Network Graphics format

KOALA - Commodore 64 Koala format

MNG - Multiple Network Graphics format

PCD - Kodak PhotoCD format

PCX - Zsoft Paintbrush PCX bitmap format

PSD - Adobe Photoshop format

RAS - Sun Rasterfile format

SGI - Silicon Graphics SGI format

EXR - ILM OpenEXR format

JP2 - JPEG-2000 File format

J2K - JPEG-2000 codestream format

ANI - Animated Cursor format

AVI - Audio-Video Interleaved format Sharp IMG Viewer free download for Windows 7/8 on our website.

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