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TeamViewer 10.0.41459

TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings

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TeamViewer 10.0.41459

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OS Support: Win2003, Win2000, Win7 x64, WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win8 x32, Win8 x64,

Size 8Mb

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License: Freeware

Date added: 23 Jan 2015

Last Update: 21 Apr 2015

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Features And Functions Of Teamviewer

Version reviewed 10.0.36897 on: 23 Jan 2015
  • Currently 4.25/5

 The software TeamViewer is a software solution that is proposed for desktop sharing across different computer systems and remote control. File transfer that works behind proxy servers and firewall is also handled by this program. If you wish to connect to another computer all you need to do is run the program on both the machines. There is no installation process that needs to be followed. Partner IDs are generated on both computers when the program is started and connection is established on entering the partner computer's ID.

 Latest Version Features

 In the latest version of this program, there are updates included which are unspecified till date. Certain features have been enhanced and bug fixes introduced as well. For those who have been looking for an easy app to connect to various workstations will find Teamviewer to meet their needs. The app set up is easy and it is also a powerful application which helps connect and provide remote control access to other computers easily. 

 Pros And Cons Of The Software

 The advantages of the program are many:
- This software helps all parties to connect to a session. The control of a computer can be passed from one person to another. It is not a one way communication or control.
- Multiple parties can be connected through a single connection and that is great when one needs to handle several employees and needs to get control of their systems.
- The multiple connections established appear as tabs, allowing one to see where they are needed and connect with such computers.
- The connection allows files to be dragged and dropped from one computer to another. That is a handy feature for sure.

 Limitations of the program include a monitoring software that is included in this program to detect use for commercial reasons. In such a case, a license needs to be purchased for such use. Privacy of activities can then be questioned, even if one is using the software in a legitimate manner.

Publisher's description
 TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.

- control computers remotely via the internet,
- record your session and covert it to AVI,
- online meetings,
- Drag & Drop files,
- Multi-Monitor support.
TeamViewer free download for Windows 7/8 on our website.

Available Translations: None

Members Reviews (Add your review!)

by RobertCrunch on 23 Mar 2015 | on version:10.0.39052
Good  Bad

Issues with the computer can appear at everyone. But it is impossible to be always near to solve a problem. I have never met a more useful program for the solution problems like that.It saves a lot of time, forces and nerves. It is also very simple in use and it is absolutely free for downloading.I could only advise this program for the solution issues at distance from the PC.

Readers say:

Good ability to connectify quickly
by andrewR on 13 Mar 2015 | on version:10.0.39052
Good  Bad

This is a really good solution and it is not only for big corporation that needs for its computers to be connected. Connection runs not by the internet so if you need to take some files from one computer into another you won\'t have to use Wi-fi, tou need only for your TeamViewer to be switched on. TeamViewer connectify within the seconds so you won\'t waste your time on waiting.

by br1t15h on 15 Feb 2015 | on version:10.0.38843
Good  Bad

This holy program is best of the best! It`s so much better than others like a "radmin" or any. I like it, and use every day. I help my friends, i work with this, i use this for shutdown my pc when i forgot. She is so simple, but very functional. Must have.

I have little kid so I work at home and sometimes in office
by Eliser on 14 Feb 2015 | on version:10.0.38843
Good  Bad

This unique software saved my work and my life. I can see my work desktop, all programs and applications. Our programmer can help mee any moment. TeamViewer has simple start and user interface. It works very quickly so my work doesn't stop. РЎРѕmСЂР°tiblРµ with the different versions of windows. I love this program.

by Zogg on 14 Feb 2015 | on version:10.0.38843
Good  Bad

My sister lives in another city and poorly versed in computers, with this program I can help her as though I am at her home :)

Must have!
by lavr on 11 Feb 2015 | on version:10.0.38388
Good  Bad

Very useful program for sharing desktop access. I use it to help my son solve computer problems, while i'm at my job =)

super program
by malcov on 09 Feb 2015 | on version:10.0.38388
Good  Bad

This is a great program, I helped a lot of their friends from the comfort of home! Thank you for it

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